About us

It all started from 2016 and will continue...

Mug Coffee and Roastery (located in Kuwait) came alive in 2016 when we were regular customers at a local coffee shop, when the idea struck us to provide specialty coffee to the area. As time went by, more ideas started to come up, on March 28th, 2017 it was there the dream came true , we have reached the goal. The opening was at our first branch Al-mangaf, in order to provide high speciality coffee to the area and make it reachable to the segment.

However, Our second branch was established and opened on the 21st of April 2018 , the story is growing and will continue to grow...

Roasting process

The roasting process begins when the beans drop inside the drum, the increasingly high temperatures are responsible for the complex tasting notes development, controlling time and temperature are key elements to achieve the perfect roast

Unique flavor will develop in each different stage of roasting;

-Dry Phase
-First Crack

Wholesale - Green & Roasted Beans

Green Coffee Beans

In our selection we have a wide range of green beans sourced directly from farms around the world applying fair trade and offer all traceability information. From our roastery to your door step.

Roasted Coffee

Our SCA certified roasters using the best equipment’s to provide daily freshly roasted coffee to satisfy even the most demanding pallets.

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